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Portrait of Chris M Lesmeister

Chris M Lesmeister

National Account Executive

Chris is a cash flow expert and has been increasing cash flow for clients since 2001. As a dedicated national account executive at CSSI®, he looks at his client’s money as if it were his own and does whatever he can to help them keep more of it. Chris strives to save his clients as much money as possible. He knows that with more cash flow comes more options for his clients.

Since joining CSSI® in 2014, Chris has been on a mission to create $1 billion in tax savings for his clients through cost segregation services. He has been diligently working on his goal, saving his clients thousands of dollars by providing cost segregation studies on commercial properties of all types and sizes across the nation.

Providing excellent service throughout the process, Chris’s clients know that he’ll deliver maximum cash flow with an engineering-based cost segregation study and keep them compliant with U.S. tax codes. Contact Chris today if you’re ready to grab your portion of $1 billion in tax savings.

CSSI® is the Premier company for engineering-based cost segregation studies in America.

Our objective at CSSI® is to facilitate maximum tax savings to improve your cash flow, allowing your businesses to grow, evolve, and flourish. With more than 30,000 cost segregation studies completed, our team of professionals ensures maximum tax savings.

Does Your Property Qualify for Cost Segregation?